Refresh If Video Is Not Available
The System Will Record the Training Trip / Route and calculate the compliance by the instructor during the training. This is as evidence to instructors and driving institutes in the event of a question from the JPJ.
The Inbound and Outgoing Fingerprint System Is Not Enough. Many Cases of Driving Institutes in Suspension are not caused by Driving Institute Entrepreneurs Committing offenses, but Partners or SM2 Holders who violate the Teaching Sop.
- Fingerprints But Doesn't Teach
- Instructor Leaves Candidate while teaching, goes home rested, but time runs.
Through the Vehicle Log the Driving Institute can ensure a more perfect lesson as the system records the movement of the vehicle. The Driving Institute may make a Time Rejection If the Vehicle does not move within a specified time frame.
This can avoid the Instructor just sitting without teaching properly and getting paid the full payment. Can implement the Teaching Allowance Deduction System.
The Driving Institute can also calculate the cost of using the vehicle through the recorded kilometer record.



Digital SM4